What Is A Cuisine?

“A cuisine is what defines a country as a whole.” Food; as so to say, has been our unspoken voices throughout the world for many years and in many countries, has become very vast and innovative, changing from time and eras using various methods of spices to create fusions of flavors and just every so, once in a while stumbling upon new and creative dishes that satisfy our human cravings.

Food has somewhat stood out of all the necessities and joins man and beast alike together without any disregard. Whether of either class divisions, caste & creed of different nationalities and religions society gathers together in crowds rarely for such festivities, where there is no humility and no differentiating, by any means when it comes to the thought of “Food.” Suddenly humanity prevails with a much stronger bond of love infused with many localities and a variety of colors.

Hence, here we begin about the world’s most rejoicing and beloved topic “Food & Cuisine”

Types of cuisines of the world

So, to speak blankly there are several different “Cuisines of the world” which mainly include a massive, continuing and endless list of possibilities and delicacies to try from, the uniqueness of these cuisines are within the dish, that they are being prepared; by several different ways, some put all sorts of pungent flavors and blends whereas some countries, omit the very strong aromatic palate. Many of the Southern and North Indian cuisine have a touch of sweetness in their dishes, whilst in the South Eastern and Asian Cuisines, the culinary arts sharpen our taste buds with the difference of piquancy from the world’s best ingredients.

The list of Cuisines and Culinary arts are few of the world’s impressive Food feasts;

1. African

2. American

3. British

4. Caribbean

5. Chinese

6. East European

7. French

8. Greek

9. Irish

10. Italian

11. Japanese

12. Mexican

13. Nordic

14. North African

15. Portuguese

16. South American

17. Spanish

South Asian culinary arts & cuisines

The South Asian Cuisine is one of the worlds very best for, it’s famous on many accounts of the pungent and aromatic flavors with a zest of tantalizing and mouth-watering dishes. When we say “South Asian” it does not only carry flavors of one country but a seductive trail of several countries coincided.
Many Include:

• Indian cuisine catering

• Sri Lankan

• Thai

• Bangladeshi

• Pakistani

• Nepal