Throwing A Smashing Disco Party For Your Kid

Instead of throwing an ordinary birthday party for your kid, you can throw a smashing disco party. A disco themed party will make your kid’s birthday party more memorable.  Appropriate decoration is needed- Make the decorations of your kid’s disco themed birthday party more colourful. A disco ball is needed in the party. Some colourful balloons are required to decorate the whole party venue. You can opt for Confetti balloons too. Mirrored letters must be present. You can place some small sized mirrors on the cardboard letters by the use of glue. Additionally, you should buy the champagne flutes, straws, plastic glass, spoons and cups. If you hire kids party venues Newcastle, then decoration will be easier as they will decorate as per your choice. Decide the venue of the party – You can throw a disco themed party near the best restaurant of your home or in your house. There are function venues that are perfect for this kind of parties. If you have any problem, you can take the help of any expert to get some good ideas. You can cut the birthday cake of your kid in the drawing room. And then arrange the disco area in the garden or in the roof of your home, so that your home’s wooden floor would not be damaged. You must put good quality lights in the disco area. Make sure that the music system is good. You can hire a DJ for your kid’s disco themed party or you can hire someone, who have good DJing skills and can bring the kids on the dance floor.

Food is significant – You must make food items as per the birthday party’s theme. For a disco themed birthday party, you must choose dishes, such as marshmallows mixed with melted chocolate, confetti popcorn, confetti-layered cake, chicken skewers, chicken nuggets and finger food, so that your kid’s friends can dance while feeding their stomach with the finger food. Arrange for tea, coffee, fruit kebabs, chicken kebabs, pastries, cocktail meatballs, crisps and sausage rolls and so on. You can put some sprinkles and confetti on the top of popcorn. You can dip the marshmallows in the melting chocolate and the kids will surely love this sweet and chocolaty dish.  

 Dance competition – You can arrange for a dance competition in your kid’s disco themed birthday party. This will make the party more and more interesting. Let your partner be the judge. Give presents to all the participants and some special gifts for the winners. You can make a singing competition too. Return gifts – You must have return gifts for all your kid’s friends. You can put in the birthday bags some chocolates, small toys, and a story book and so on.