How To Select Cake Flavours For Weddings

Selecting the right type of cake for the event will take some time and effort, even though it seems like a simple thing to do. From taste tests to selecting the right baker, it’s always better to tackle the process early on to avoid hassles that can arise later. While the sampling process does seem like fun, you can get easily over-whelmed by the countless options that are available – if you are unsure about your preferences. You can consider mainstream options such as chocolate, vanilla or fruit flavours and then decide if you prefer combinations.

Narrow Down Flavours You Like

Doing this would make things much easier and help speed up the process. Both the bride and groom need to decide on the flavours and design together – it’s better to have something that both parties agree on. After visiting the bakery for the celebration cakes Auckland  tasting, list down the flavours that you both liked. There are numerous flavours combinations to have a look at, rather than just one – there can be a different flavour for each tier too. However, it’s best to select flavours that can be combined together easily. 

Select The Right Frosting Flavour

There are ways to get a good combination of flavours and reach a compromise when selecting wedding cakes. For example – you can try selecting an option with a mainstream flavoured cake and while selecting a unique frosting flavour or vice versa. Some of the most common options include ganache, fondant, butter cream and meringue. But do find out which ones would be better suited to warmer or outdoor climates if you are getting married during the summer months.

Get The Baker’s Opinion

It’s easy to carried away by the samples and photos when visiting a nice cakery or baker. While you might think you have selected the perfect option for your big day, do take the advice of the professional baker or consultant as well. Ask them if your choices are practical for the venue or season, and what their recommendations would be. But you can also ask them what would go well with the theme or menu that has been planned out too.

Look At The Rest Of The Menu

You can select frosting and flavours that will go well with the food items on the wedding menu or theme or even the seasons. For example, if you are getting married during the fall season you can have something with a rich dark chocolate or a cinnamon spice option. Or for a Mediterranean menu, a citrus-flavoured option would work best.