How To Give Yourself Some Well-deserved Papering After A Hard Week At Work?

Almost every job or career has a “hell week” or two. It’s that time at work where everything seems to be happening; the busiest it is for the whole month. It’s also the time we repeatedly ask ourselves what really prompted us to think we should do this particular job. But despite how hard it is, if you get through it, no doubt you’d be feeling good about yourself. If you’ve ignored yourself and your body’s needs during that time, then no doubt you’d feel it once you’re done with your hectic work. Here’s how to make yourself feel better.

  • Say yes to cheat meals and chocolates – we are strong believers on exercising and proper healthy diets. But we’d be the last people to stop you from indulging on a few cheat meals; especially if you are feeling drained after a hard and hectic week at work. If you’ve been skipping meals just to keep up with your work, then no doubt your mood is reflecting this poor treatment to your body. Fix your bad mood by giving into your need to indulge in chocolates…!
  • Sleep in, skip breakfast – if you don’t have to work for a week, catch up to all those nights that you had little to no sleep. Go to sleep early and try to sleep in. Forget breakfast and sail through to brunch instead. Fuel your body and your mind, and if possible, get in a little exercising. Trust us, you’ll feel happy about it.
  • Indulge on a little midweek drinking – we know a lot of people avoid drinking during the week, simply because it messes up their next day at work. But if you’ve worked hard, and don’t have to go to work the next day, indulge in a midweek craft beer or quality wine. You don’t even have to get drunk; just relaxed and feeling pampered from the within.
  • Set an appointment with a masseuse or a spa – if you truly want to feel relaxed and boneless, and the wine isn’t doing it for you, set an appointment with your favorite masseuse or spa and Bangkok dimsum brunch. Get all that built up tensioned massaged away or soak it and sweat it out at the spa. It might even help you concentrate better for when you return for work after your day off.
  • Visit a friend or your family you haven’t seen personally in a while – busy schedules are a guaranteed way to keep you away from your friends and family. Now that you finally have the time, reconnect with them and spend a little quality time with them. And while phone calls are great, try to visit with them instead. You’d be surprised at how good you feel after.